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Welcome to the Centre for Integrative Medicine

We warmly welcome you to experience our professional expertise, special treatment concept and the pleasant atmosphere in our Centre.

For our therapies, we combine conventional and complementary medical procedures. In doing so, our support of you is always holistic, individual and corresponds to the state of the art of modern scientific medicine.

I look forward to accompanying you, along with my team, on your personal journey.

Tour                  Yours truly,
        ünther Malek
                  Founder of the Centre for Integrative Medicine


Current Issues

The pollen season is on it`s way - take action now
Hazelnut and alder trees are already in bloom, spring is on the doorstep!

There are many causes of headaches, usually even a bundle of causes that need to be considered very closely.
An integrative medical headache check-up includes an extensive analysis and differentiation of the individual pain factors.

The Vienna Review - Interview with Dr. Malek
Where Internationals meet - International Healing at the Centre of Integrative Medicine
Dr. Günther MalekDr. Günther Malek
Practitioner of general medicine, acupuncture and osteopathic medicine
Dr. Wolfgang ZahornitzkyDr. Wolfgang Zahornitzky MSc.
Practitioner of general medicine, master of science for pain therapy
Dr. Elisabeth YaoDr. Elisabeth Yao
Practitioner of general medicine, acupucture and Chinese medicine
Dr. Ingrid HobuschDr. Ingrid Hobusch
Practitioner of general medicine, acupuncture and Chinese medicine
Dr. Stephan KerryDr. Stephan Kerry
Practitioner of general medicine, doctor of osteopathic medicine
Physiotherapy  & Sports physiotherapy

Laser medicine

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